Google Camera for Realme C65 – GCam APK v9.2

Realme C65 Google Camera APK port: Realme C65 comes with a 50MP camera and a Mediatek Helio G85. With this combination of hardware you can get better images with the GCam APK if at all it works.

To make it easier for you, in this article I have brought the BEST Google camera APK for your Realme C65 phone to get the best images. With this, I will also list if any config file is available for the respective gcam app.

The default Realme camera is good but it is still not able to give you the best images the way the gcam app does. This is the main reason you are searching a better camera app for your phone and I will surely help you with that here.

Having said that, I can assure you that the listed APKs are one of the best available ports for your Realme C65 phone.

Let’s take a look at some more details about the same.

GCam Features in comparison to Realme Camera

Obviously the default camera on our Realme C65 phone has good features but still there are some useful better features available on Google Camera.

That does not mean nothing is worthwhile on the default Realme camera app.

Let’s take a look at some or all of the similarities and differences of both these apps.

The default Realme camera offers Pro feature that allows you to take control of several settings. The Ultra Res photo mode let’s you capture the photo in 50MP full resolution. Macro feature allows you to capture close up photos. Last but not the least, the filter feature allows you to add artificial filters to make the subject look good.

it is needless to say that the stock camera app is by default fully compatible with all camera sensors available on the phone but the GCam port might not be fully compatible with all camera sensors on all image modes.

Apart from these, the GCam has several features that the Realme camera does not. Such as: RAW image capture, HDR+ enhanced, Astrophotography mode etc.

Download the Google Camera port for Realme C65

I have personally tested all these GCam ports on my Realme C65 phone and also listed compatible XML config files with respect to each gcam version.

GCam port 9.2 for Realme C65 is the latest version among other compatible ports which does not work the best as compared to the other versions.

Below are the available versions of gcams for the phone:

  • GCam 9.2 (Latest Version)
  • GCam 8.9
  • GCam 8.7
  • GCam 8.1
  • GCam 7.4

Below are the direct download links for the same.

File nameGoogle Camera Port APK
Latest version9.2
RequirementsAndroid 14 and up
Config supportYES
Last updated23rdnd April 2024

If you face any problem while downloading or even after installing any of the GCam port APK, please use the comment box to inform me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

How to Install Google Camera on Realme C65?

  1. Download the Google Camera APK file you want to install
  2. Go to the downloads folder and tap on the .apk file to install
  3. If asked, select Allow to allow the app to install .apk files.
  4. Then install the apk and enjoy GCam on your Realme C65 phone.

FIX for GCam issues

I have already mentioned earlier that the GCam is not fully compatible with Realme C65.

In case if you face any issues after using or while running the Google camera app, you can refer to this GCam issues and fixes post.


Google Camera app brings a lot of good things in terms of performance but we cannot miss some of the important things of Realme Camera app as well.

Default Realme Camera will always be fully compatible with all the camera sensors and it provides access to the highest resolution that the primary camera can capture.

GCam may still capture images in 50MP but it may require some config or external libs to be installed to get this done.

With all these observations I can confidently tell you that the Google Camera port app will not replace the Realme camera entirely. In reality both the camera applications will be useful in different situations.

Visit theĀ Realme gcam ports page to download compatible google camera ports for other Realme phones.


Is there any Google camera port available for Realme C65?

As of April 2024 the GCam Go APK and Google Camera port version 7.4 to 9.2 are available for Realme C65.

How do I download GCam port for Realme C65?

Visit the Realme C65 Google camera post on to download all compatible gcam for the phone along with supported config files.

What is the difference between GCam and stock camera on Realme C65

GCam and Realme’s stock camera has some significant differences such as Expert mode, better camera hardware compatibility, camera button customization etc. on Realme camera. While the GCam brings multimode stabilization, cinematic video, better night sight and astrophotography.

Is it safe to install Google Camera on Realme C65?

People have downloaded several Google camera ports for over 1 million times on our site without any complaint from any user ever. But still, you take precaution because these are all modified APKs coming from individuals!

Can I install GCam without root access on Realme C65?

Root permission is not required to install GCam port on Realme C65.

Does GCam port capture better photos on Realme C65?

GCam is developed by Google which is the biggest software company in the world. Of course their camera software is much better than most of the mobile camera apps, so yes, 9 out of 10 times GCam produces better photos on Realme C65.

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