Google Camera Port | GCam APK v9.2

Everyone including you and I, know about the Google Camera is a camera app that comes bundled on a Pixel phone. But do you know that now this app can be installed on any Android phone?

Google Camera APK or recently named as the  Pixel Camera which is also known as GCam APK in short only works on Google Pixel phones. But now this app is available for all Android phones regardless of any Pixel phone, thanks to all GCam port developers out there for making this happen.

Yes, you have read it right, and in this post I will list down the download links to all compatible Google Camera APK port for an Android phone.

When I used to use this earlier days around the year 2017 it had only a handful features like HDR+, Portrait mode etc. not much. Eventually today it brings you the most breathtaking features that even does not exist on some of the DSLR cameras.

I mean, I have both the setup, the GCam as well as an entry level DSLR camera and I found this is tru to every word I have mentioned.

This camera app’s software algorithm is so well optimized that it creates magical photos on any Android phone it works with. If you have already this ever you know how good the Google Camera APK really is.

In this article, I have compiled a list of all compatible GCam APK for all available Android phones. In addition, I will also explain about the features and my own experience with this app.

Precisely, this is actually a modified Google camera app which is called as a GCam port and the installable APK file is known as Google Camera port APK or GCam port APK.

If every Android user wants to install this app on their phone, then definitely it offers more than the default stock camera app be it a OnePlus, Vivo or a Samsung phone.

google camera apk

What is Google Camera or GCam?

I have already written about this on the introduction but still let’s look at some other details of this app.

GCam is written in short form for Google Camera well, that’s certainly known to everyone.

But what’s important is to know why are we talking about Google Camera here and no other camera apps anywhere!

The answer lies in the image processing algorithm of the Google Camera APK which is so much ahead that it produces unbeatable images and far better than any other camera application.

To be honest, this is the first camera app on Android to introduce professional photography features like the HDR, RAW image capture, Night Sight, Astrophotography etc. and also many other features.

Because of this thoughtful industry leading software application features, other developers have modified this app which is widely known as GCam Port, which works on other Android phones.

Basically, this modification of the app to make it work on other phones is known as Porting and this is a term used in software engineering.

Do You Need this Google Camera Port?

I have explained few things here and there about the Google Camera App but do you really need this app on your phone?? Let’s find out.

See, any smartphone manufacturer or OEM be it Xiaomi, Samsung or Oneplus etc. design their own hardware and build their own software applications for it. Which means every phone has its own camera app with it.

But how good is that? How can we verify if it produces the best image or not?

Of course every OEM as per their expertise, gives the best camera quality to their users. But in reality they do not provide the best software for the camera hardware. Some camera apps lack in features, some lack in performance like adding artificial colors to the images etc.

On the other hand, Google has focued on optimizing the camera application to squeeze the hardware performance as much as possible. This is where we see the software excellency on field.

Now that the developer built Google Camera port works on almost all Android phones, we can actually install this new app on our phone and compare what’s the difference it has with respect to the default camera app.

Trust me on this, the GCam APK actually creates better images on your phone in most of the cases.

Moreover, the new GCam Port can take preset configurations created by some other user. This gives you some out-of-the-box performance as someone has already done the experiment and found the best working settings for your phones.

In addition, over the period of time these ports have introduced so many features those are not even available on many Pixel phones such as the Pro feature or manual mode, custom library loading etc.

To make it simple for you to find the correct GCam port APK for your phone, I have created a comprehensive list of GCam APK downloads for all Android phones.

Download Latest version of Google Camera Port APK

Latest version is the v9.2.113 for which we also have some Google Camera port APK version built by various developers which can be installed on many Android phones.

File nameGoogle Camera APK
Latest version9.2.113
RequirementsAndroid 11 or later
Last updated7th April 2024

UPDATE: Added the latest BSG Google Camera v9.2 build version v0 on 27th February 2024 which works on Android 11 and later versions of Android

Google Camera 9.2 APK

Both the GCam v9.2 from BSG and BigKaka support Android 11 and later version of Android. If your phone is running on an Android version lower than Android 11, you can take a look at other GCam ports from the below list or the downloads page.

Download Gooogle Camera APK port by Phone Models

I have been collecting all the compatible GCam ports for Android phones since 2018. This is a huge comprehensive list of devices but still it is possible that your phone model is missing from the list.

If you do not find your phone link in the above list then leave a comment with the phone manufacturer and model number and I will try to find a compatible Google Camera port for your phone.
Or, you can search using the below search box.

GCam for Asus phones

Asus ROG SeriesDownload Link
Asus Zenfone SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Motorola Phones

Motorola Defy SeriesDownload Link
Motorola GenericGCam Download 1
GCam Download 2
Moto E SeriesDownload Link
Moto Edge SeriesDownload Link
Motorola Edge 50 ProMotorola Edge 50 Pro GCam APK
Moto G SeriesDownload Link
Motorola M SeriesDownload Link
Motorola One SeriesDownload Link
Moto Razr SeriesDownload Link
Moto X SeriesDownload Link
Moto Z SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Nokia phones

GCam for Nothing Phones

Nothing phone modelDownload Link

GCam for OnePlus phones

OnePlus SeriesDownload Link
OnePlus GenericDownload Link
OnePlus Nord SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Oppo phones

Oppo A SeriesDownload Link
Oppo F SeriesDownload Link
Oppo Find SeriesDownload Link
Oppo K SeriesDownload Link
Oppo Reno SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Realme Phones

Realme PhonesDownload Link
Realme C SeriesDownload Link
Realme GT SeriesDownload Link
Realme Narzo SeriesDownload Link
Realme Q SeriesDownload Link
Realme V SeriesDownload Link
Realme X SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Samsung Phones

Other Samsung phonesDownload Link
Samsung GenericDownload Link 1
Download Link 2
Galaxy Quantum 2Samsung Quantum 2 GCam port
Galaxy Wide5GCam for Galaxy Wide5
Samsung Galaxy A SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy F SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy Fold SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy J SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy M SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy Note SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy S SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy Tab SeriesDownload Link
Samsung Galaxy Z SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Sony Phones

Model nameDownload Link
Xperia XZ2GCam Download 1
GCam Download 2

GCam for Tecno Phones

Tecno Camon SeriesDownload Link
Tecno Pova SeriesDownload Link
Tecno Spark SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Vivo Phones

Vivo Nex SeriesDownload Link
Vivo S SeriesDownload Link
Vivo U SeriesDownload Link
Vivo V SeriesDownload Link
Vivo X SeriesDownload Link
Vivo Y SeriesDownload Link
Vivo Z SeriesDownload Link

GCam for iQOO Phones

iQOO number SeriesDownload Link
iQOO Neo SeriesDownload Link
iQOO U SeriesDownload Link
iQOO Z SeriesDownload Link
iQOO Z7iQOO Z7 GCam port

GCam for Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi SeriesDownload Link
Xiaomi GenericDownload Link
Mi SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Poco Phones

Poco SeriesDownload Link

GCam for Redmi Phones

Redmi SeriesDownload Link
Redmi K SeriesDownload Link
Redmi Note SeriesDownload Link

GCam for ZTE Phones

ZTE Axon SeriesDownload Link
ZTE Blade SeriesDownload Link
ZTE Nubia SeriesDownload Link
ZTE S SeriesDownload Link

This marks the end of the list.

There are so many variations of these Google Camera APK ports available because many developers have worked on this .

So, you need to find the right GCam for your phone either from the list given by us or by trying individual ports by yourself. Not a single port works on all phones because of differences in chipsets such as Mediatek, Exynos, Snapdragon etc.

This app requires good amount of CPU processing. This is why it does not work on low end or budget phones. But there is a light weight app variant of the priginal app which is known as GCam Go apk. This app works on any Android phone regardless of version, and chipset.

Popular Google Camera ports to try

Version 9.1 and 9.2 works well for Android 11 and later. But, if you have a phone running on Android version lower than Android 11 then you can try the version 8.x or lower.

All other versions of GCam can be found in the Downloads page.

Google Camera 9.1 APK port

Google Camera 8.9 APK port

Google Camera 8.8 APK port

Added the latest gcam port of v8.8.224 by BSG (that supports Android 11) and Shamim

Google Camera 8.4 APK port

Google Camera 8.1 APK port

Earlier I removed this section assuming this is a very old version. But I have added this section back because the Gcam 8.1 APK is one of the most stable version that runs on many Android phones and gives better results than these new versions.

What features make the Google Camera so popular?

Let’s talk about the best this camera app brings on your phone. You get features like Portrait modeAstrophotography, Top Shot, Night Sight, fast shutter button etc.

Well, the Google Camera mod apk (or even the original one) has a lot of other features as well, which are listed below:

  • HDR+ (enhanced HDR) – [My favourite feature of this camera app]
  • Portrait Mode [In my test I have explained how good or bad the edge detection on GCam port]
  • Night Sight with better low light photography (available on 6.1.021 and later) – [In my test I have captured and compared some images with Night Sight on and Off]
  • Night Sight on Portrait mode (8.2.204 and later)
  • Astrophotography feature (version 7.0.009 and later)
  • Video stabilization modes (version 8.1.101 and later)
  • Lens Blur: otherwise known as Object portrait mode
  • Integrated Google photos and Google lens
  • Frequent faces
  • Supports up to a 60X zoom (only on the GCam MOD)
  • Up to 8k 60 FPS video recording (version 8.8 onward)
  • RAW image capture
  • Cinematic pan (to create movie like effects)
GCam Port Download for All Android Phones ( Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Samsung and other OEMs)

Some FAQs about Google Camera

Google Camera port is not a generic application to install on a phone. No single port works on all phones. It is very dynamic to know which port APK will work on which phone.

Because of this, it introduces several challenges and issue to debunk. In this FAQ session I am trying to answer some of the common questions asked by users like you and me,


What is the Google Camera port?

The ported application is a modified variant of the actual Google Camera app available on Google’s Pixel phones. This modified GCam port can be installed on all Android phones which gives you much better photos on your phone’s existing camera setup.

Is Google Camera port safe for Android Mobile phones?

Yes it is but still you take precaution and test at your end! People have downloaded these GCam port APK files millions of times and there is no report of any malicious code because these ports are built by individual developers with no intentions to steal data or track usage information.

Which phones can use GCam?

Any Android phone can run the GCam port except Android Go or very low spec devices because it is a CPU intensive app. You may need to search all apks from our downloads repo to find which one really works better on your phone.

How to Download Google Camera port APK file?

Not a single port of Google Camera app works on all phones. Our list contains different GCam APK ports available from various developer, which you can try on your phone.

Is GCam Better than other camera apps?

Well, it is Yes and No. The features on a GCam port makes it the best camera app for Android. As it is widely available as a mod version, not all features work on all the phones. If it works on your phone, it can create magic with the images it produces.

Why is Google Camera not compatible on my Phone?

It is primarily designed for Pixel phones. There are many ports of GCam from many developers which you can try from the list to see if it works on your phone!

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