Parrot043 GCam 7.3.020

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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of base version 7.3.020 by Parrot043.  Below are the build version(s) of this GCam port:

    • v7
    • v4
    • v3
    • v2
    • v1

    v3 build date: 11th May 2020

    v2 build date: 25th March 2020

    v1 build date: 21st March 2020

    Parrot043 GCam 7.3.020 v3 Changelog:

    • Updated the item "number of frames in HDR +". Also, now it works for night shooting. If you do not have a timer at 25 frames and above with a shutter speed of 30 seconds, do not - you need to worry - the photo will do as expected.
    • Corrected a green tint on the front camera on some devices.
    • Hid the panorama and photosphere on Redmi 7 due to the lack of a gyroscope in the device.
    • The portrait now with the slider turned off 1.5x zoom.
    • Disabled Saber on Motorola 8 Plus.
    • Removed the item "exposure choice for photos." After removing the ISO, it stopped jumping randomly.
    • Added a choice of exposure compensation for the front camera.
    • When the HDR + control is turned off, the option to select the HDR mode will disappear in the portrait, as it happened in the photo mode.
    • In the default video set Auto Fps.
    • Optimization.

    Parrot043 GCam 7.3.020 v2  Changelog:

    • Fixed ISO in libpatcher. Also left points which work.
    • Added to support ASUS 2019. Thanks Arnova8G2.
    • Added focus to infinity in night shooting.
    • Updated IQ library, now has naming IQ Alice. Thanks r0m10.
    • Fixed viewfinder zoom in 16: 9 format.
    • Corrected the item "Disable zoom in portrait mode".

    Parrot043 GCam 7.3.020 v1 Changelog:

    • Android 9+; Credit Arnova
    • AI AWB fast button; Credit B-S-G
    • Astro fast button; Credit B-S-G
    • BUG Fixes

    Supported devices:

    • Black Shark 2 GCam
    • LeEco LeMax x820 (x2) GCam
    • Mi 8 Lite GCam
    • Mi A2 GCam
    • Realme C11 GCam
    • Redmi Note 5 GCam
    • Redmi Note 7 GCam
    • Redmi Note 7s GCam
    • Redmi Note 7 Pro GCam
    • Zenfone M1 GCam

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