BSG GCam 8.4

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  • This is a GCam port of base version 8.4.600 and BSG version v13 (latest) which is built by BSG.

    Click on the dropdown box and scroll down to get the latest version of this port in the end.

    Build date: June 2022

    Changelog of GCam 8.4.600_V13 by BSG:

    • Added quick switching between modules
    • Added "dotsfix"
    • Fixed long time switching between modes to android 10
    • Fixed errors found in the modification.

    Changelog of GCam 8.4.600_V8 by BSG:

    • Initial public version of 8.4.600 from BSG
    • Added loading of libraries (the application can run on libraries from 8.4.400, 8.4.500, 8.4.600)
    • Added session ID in photo modes.
    • Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.

    Changelog of GCam 8.4.300_V0 by BSG:

    • Initial public version of 8.4 from BSG

    Supported devices:

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