About Us

I am one of the biggest fans of the GCam app, hence I created this site GCamera.co to maintain all available gcam ports list.

Who is running this site?

It is obvious to know who is running this site and how much credible are these information published on this site. While I cannot judge it by myself about the credibility of the information which depends on the reader’s knowledge and perception, but I can confidently tell who I am and you can judge if I qualify to write what I write!

I am Sibananda Sahu, a Software Engineer by profession with an experience of more than 14 years in the Embedded Systems Engineering domain. Here is my LinkedIn profile that will give you an idea of my education and professional background.

I have worked with several big tech companies like HAL-Edgewood (A joint venture of HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, INDIA) TOSHIBA, LSI (now Broadcom Limited), Cypress, SanDisk (Western Digital), Cisco etc. on many cutting edge technologies.

I have worked on Linux Device Driver, Board Bring-up, PCI driver, SSD firmware, Wifi firmware, Networking Switch and few things here and there.

Sibananda Sahu - Author on Cyanogenmods.org

How Authentic are the Files Hosted or Shared on our GCamera.co site?

Every Google Camera port APK file hosted on this site or even a reference that is linked to; are taken from the original developer(s) either shared by themselves on public forums, their personal sites or social groups etc.

Every file we host on our site will have exactly same checksum with the source if you check and compare it manually.

If you find any discrepancy with any file or content, please write to us on the following e-mail id: hello (at) gcamera (dot) co